The Classic Firetruck

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By Mark Weisseg

Here we have a classic fire truck, an old Chevrolet AD truck made into a Firetruck.

Everyone seemingly wants one of these trucks. Ads I read on car web sites are all about the terminology. Rare, One of, Built by..and so on. Everyone uses an angle to make the car or truck they are selling seem unusual. Everywhere but California sellers use the term California Car, so that we buyers will know it did not suffer through the winter.
But wait, California does get snow. Yes, Remember those beautiful mountains in Northern California where people need to put chains on there tires to get up the mountains to ski? Oh, those snow capped mountains. Oh, and then there is the salt water blowing off the ocean. It’s a problem in Florida, so why is it not a problem in the land of fruits and nuts? Marketing my friend. Somehow we picture California as sunny every day, low humidity, and the perfect climate for the life of cars and trucks. There just happens to be more people in California so, of course there will be more cars for sale.

Now the reason for the cool Firetruck was to catch your eye. We all love firetrucks and especially the older ones. They were hard to drive, yet we picture fireman hanging off the back holding on for dear life as the truck raced by with the siren on loud and the little red light wobbling around in the case.
So, if you really want a “one of” something buy a fire truck. They are not mass produced and built only when ordered. Each one is different from the next as each department has specific options they did or did not want. Some want a big three thousand dollar bell on the front end for parades while others spend the money on a two tone siren or a bigger pump to push water out of the tanks.
Either way, there are a one of so if you want an unusual truck, a fire truck may be the answer.

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