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The New 2023 Renault Espace SUV

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2023 Renault Espace SUV

Renault has been hard at work, bringing back its classic, the Espace. Scheduled for release in March 2023, the new Renault Espace has a full-hybrid powertrain and will put a modern twist on this classic, now as a SUV. The production of the vehicle is expected to bring back some excitement to the market, as the new Espace goes back to its roots.

The Espace 2023 boasts a full-hybrid setup – a 1.2L turbocharged, three-cylinder 130HP side and two electric motors. Full electric driving in city traffic is one of the promises, up to 80% of journey. The car features advanced suspension and chassis, providing a solid driving experience. The exterior design has also been revamped, with the interior being completely remodelled, with a more luxurious trim designed for maximum comfort.

The vehicle also comes with an improved infotainment system, running on Android 10 and allowing for access to Google Play Store apps. With these apps comes access to features like Spotify streaming, navigation and built-in voice controls. As a bonus, the infotainment system features an improved car interface and faster loading times.

Driver aid-wise, the Espace 2023 offers a range of active safety features such as lane departure warning, emergency braking and an advanced collision mitigation system. These features help ensure maximum security while driving, giving peace of mind to the family unit which is what the Espace has been built for.

The Espace 2023 comes with a range of driver assistance features. These include lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and the option of parking pilot, to allow for easy parking in tight spaces. These all help ensure maximum safety, providing the driver with peace of mind when travelling. The car also comes with a reverse camera, which makes manoeuvring in tight spaces easier and safe.

In terms of connectivity, the Espace 2023 is equipped with Bluetooth and USB connections, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. This allows drivers to stay connected on the go, access music, maps and other entertainment options. With this advanced connectivity, passengers can safely stay connected and entertained during their journey.

The Espace 2023 also has an uprated climate control system. This new system allows for improved heating and cooling, with multiple zones that can be adjusted to individual preferences. The car also has an improved cabin filtration system, helping to reduce air pollution and provide a cleaner, fresher atmosphere.

Another great addition is the huge panoramic roof spanning the whole seating area. For those who may be concerned with sun exposure, the glass has been treated to filter out UV radiation. The five-passenger version provides 1,818 liters of space, while a 7 seater allows for a 3rd row of seats.

One option worth considering is the 4CONTROL system. This provides all-wheel steering, along with better road handling, comfort and reduced road noise. The system also allows for a tighter turning circle, more like what you would find on a Renault Clio.

The Renault Espace 2023 is expected to come with a competitive price tag, making it an attractive proposition for those looking for a quality SUV without breaking the bank. The car is also likely to be a reliable choice, as Renault has a long history of reliability and is one of the leading car manufacturers in the market today. This should mean that the Espace 2023 is built to last, making it a great investment for families.

In conclusion, the Renault Espace 2023 is set to offer a unique and modern twist on the classic MPV. The car will feature two engines, a newly designed exterior, multiple customisation options and a range of safety features. All of these features make the Espace 2023 a desirable choice of car for those looking for a great driving experience combined with a comfortable family lifestyle.

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