Mercedes-Benz Brake Recall May Hit 1 Million Vehicles

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Mercedes-Benz Brake Recall

by Dave Ashton

Mercedes-Benz is having to recall up to one million vehicles due to potential braking problems. The vehicles to be recalled include older SUV models, with the potential cause being down to excessive rust in some of the braking components.

Models in the recall include Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, R-Class, and ML-Class vehicles, with the main reason being down to ‘advanced corrosion.’ The problem area is in the braking system, specifically the hydraulic brake booster, rather than the brakes themselves. A summary of the recall can be found in the news highlight below.

Mercedes-Benz is known for its high-quality vehicles and build standards. However, this announcement follows a number of recalls released in the past 5 years by the carmaker. Recently, Mercedes-Benz had to recall 234,862 vehicles due to a malfunctioning emergency call system. This recall affected most of the Mercedes-Benz line from the 2017-2022 CLA-Class to even the Mercedes-Maybach S650.

If you think your Mercedes-Benz is within the categories above, contact your nearest dealer ASAP.

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