1978 Jeep Corporation M35A2, Deuce And A Half Military Truck.

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Engine: Multifuel Deisel
Price: US $36,900.00


This Entire Custom Built Ride Has Been Frame Off Restored, Built, And Upgraded. This truck started off as a Military M35A2 Jeep Corporation 2-1/2 ton cargo truck. It was then converted into a HIGHLY CUSTOM built crew cab 4 door 4×4.

– This is a one of a kind build truck that you won’t find anything like. All new fabricated cab and top making it a 4 door truck with (suicide doors).
– Engine is the Hercules LDT- 465 turbocharged model.
– 46” Michelin Tires are mounted on a custom 20″x 10″ wide bolt together 2 piece military type wheel.
– The tires stand a full 46″ tall bringing the top speed of the truck up to 70 mph and it will cruise at 65 mph nicely.
– Air powered steering for ease of steering along with lock out hubs
– Snorkel for the air cleaner for better mud and water protection when off-road.
– The truck parts and frame were sand blasted then primed using epoxy primer and epoxy paints.
– There is over 10+ gallons of paint used on this truck. The interior has all been redone including sound insulation along with civilian general motors seats.
-The windows have been tinted on the truck
– It has the 5 speed overdrive transmission with the two speed transfer case and air shift front axle.
-This truck has been built right and it will last a long time. There are thousands of man hours in this truck getting it to where it is now.


-Equipped with a 5 ton PTO driven front winch.
– Dual Exit Exhaust Behind The Cab
– Custom Built side storage compartments allowing Easy access to cab.
-Dual fuel tanks with separate controls and electric fuel pump.
– On board engine driven air compressor with air impact hose connection.
– Rear glad-hand for air brake trailer towing capability
– 8’X 7′ large capacity custom built dump bed fabricated with interior wheel wells and fenders.
– Heavy Duty 5 ton Rear Suspension
– 478 Cubic inch Hercules / White Continental turbo charged diesel multi-fuel engine that will run on most flammable liquids, 5-speed overdrive manual Synchromesh transmission with Spicer two speed transfer case.
– Axles ratio 6. 72:1 rated at 12000 lbs front and 14000 lbs for the rear.
– Dual trailer hitches – Pintal hitch is 28 inches off ground and 2” X 2” receiver mounted 20 inches off the ground
– The back bed size is 8+ ft long x about 7 ft wide and the dump box is lifted by two hydraulic cylinders using a 12 volt hydraulic pump.
– This truck is about 9′ tall. and about 23′ long with a wheel base of 15 feet.
– The roof, truck bed, side tanks, bottom of cab and fenders have all been RHINO LINED.
– The entire truck was re-assembled with stainless steel fasteners.
– Full Military Truck Lite LED Light Kit
– Locking Door Handles
– New Axle Seals, Boots And Brakes
– New Speedometer,Tachometer, Cables, Oil Pressure, Engine Temp Gauges.



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