Smoke if you got them?

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By Mark Weisseg

We have all seen the videos of some poor slob on the side of the road who is just asking to be smoked. It’s funny to see the truck pull up, some minor chatter go on and the clueless bystander gets engulfed in black smoke.

Some states have outlawed this prank while others seem to think it is a fad and will pass. I will vote for the second one as it seems like everything else it will pass. Just like we all hope skinny jeans do.

But,the prank brings on a deeper subject regarding our classic rides. Most of us spent buckets of money to have the best vehicle we can afford. We want others to gawk and turn there heads and smile. We proudly cruise by and feel ten feet tall. It’s a great boost for the ego and it confirms that we spent the money on the right project. The heck with a tree house or a fountain in the front yard. Give me a big engine and loud pipes and all the world is my stage.

With that comes some responsibiity. Is your car running too rich and blowing black smoke? Are the valve guides old and dry and now you are blowing blue smoke? Just for the record, if it is white smoke your days are numbered for this gasoline engine. But, back to my point. Fix your problem. Don’t just shine the wheels, spray the tires with that shiny goo, put chrome valve covers on, and lastly, don’t ignore the obvious. None of us want dirty water, unsafe schools and cars billowing smoke out the pipes. Years ago one could watch big jets take off with a cloud of black smoke behind them. Not anymore. You don’t see newer diesel trucks puffing black coal out the stacks and clearly we don’t want to see or breath or classic car huffing and puffing down our roads. Your are going to need to fix it. In the state of Nevada the lawmakers are considering testing older cars for emissions. Why? Cars last longer today and classic cars thrive in the warmer climates. That is no excuse for anyone not to update the engine and fix the problem. Follow a older vehicle up a hill and you will smell it. Very unpleasant for sure.
So, for the sake of the hobby and our good reputation take a moment and think if you are really being a good citizen.

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