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Toyota GR SUV: A High-Performance Marvel in the Making

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Toyota GR SUV

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing (GR) division is all about performance. From hot hatches to sports cars, GR has consistently pushed the boundaries. GR is now setting its sights on a high-performance SUV , most probably on the larger side of things, like the Land Cruiser or maybe even a GR RAV4.

The Need for Speed, Elevated

GR boss Tomoya Takahashi recently dropped a tantalizing hint: “In the future, from my point of view, we need a GR SUV.” It’s a bold statement, but one that resonates with the changing automotive landscape. Families like the practicality of an SUV, but also want that bit more performance.

The Contenders

So, which Toyota SUVs could potentially wear the GR badge? Let’s explore the contenders:

1. Toyota Yaris Cross
The Yaris Cross, a compact SUV, already boasts the GR Sport treatment. But imagine a souped-up version with more horsepower, sharper handling, and aggressive aesthetics. However, the Yaris name as a performance SUV by GR is hard to imagine, but not out of the realm of possibility.

2. Toyota C-HR
The C-HR, with its distinctive design and urban flair, could be the perfect canvas for GR. Lowered suspension, upgraded brakes, and a sportier body kit may be the result.

3. Toyota Corolla Cross
The Corolla Cross, a versatile crossover, offers ample space for families. A GR variant—potent could be possible, but not likely.

4. Toyota RAV4
The RAV4 needs no introduction. A GR RAV4 would elevate the stakes, with more power, and precision. Imagine the RAV4 GR blitzing through rugged terrain and cityscapes alike.

What makes a GR SUV different? Here’s the GR formula:

Powertrain Prowess: Expect turbocharged engines, optimized for performance. The GR SUV would pack a punch, whether you’re merging onto the freeway or tackling twisty mountain roads.

Chassis: Expect precise handling, minimal body roll, and a planted feel. The GR SUV would dance through corners like a seasoned ballerina.

Aesthetics: Aggressive styling cues with larger grilles, flared wheel arches, and aerodynamic enhancements—would set the GR SUV apart. It’s not just about speed; it’s about turning heads.

Interior: The cabin would blend comfort and sportiness. Imagine supportive seats, a driver-centric layout, and GR-branded accents. Performance meets practicality.


We are dealing with probabilities here, and even if we see a GR SUV, it won’t hit the shelves for a few years. However, having the comfort of a traditional SUV with a performance off road, is a great idea. But, me thinks the Land Cruiser has most of these attributes already.

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