Cadillac XT5: The New Era Of Luxury SUVs?

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Cadillac XT5-133

The Cadillac XT5 was recently debuted in Dubai and the LA Auto Show with the news that this is the first of possibly four additional crossover vehicles from the brand.

It’s no surprise with the current upsurge of crossover vehicles, ‘Crossovers have accounted for all of the growth in the luxury segment, not sedans.’ said Cadillac chief marketing officer Uwe Ellinghaus.

The new Cadillac range will go from a 3 row model down to a small compact version.
There is no plans in the near future to have a hybrid green version, so it looks like the focus will be on the two terms – ‘Luxury’ and ‘SUV.’

“The Escalade is so huge, and it’s different because it’s truck-based, that if the growth of the SUV segment continues, I really think there is space for maybe even two smaller cars than the XT5 and maybe even two larger ones.” So five in total.

“But that’s the ultimate range that I can envisage—far out. The first step is the smaller one, and that’s because compact SUVs are hot. Look at the X1, look at the Q3. And then the second priority is to close the gap between XT5 and Escalade.”

If you look at the other brands like Lexus, Audi, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, they all have a wide range of various platforms when it comes to the crossover SUV, so expect more from all the makers in the near future.

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