Red Trucks attracts attention, But Are the Worth More?

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By Mark Weisseg

We were heading to the lake yesterday on a very familiar road when this caught my eye. A big time bright red.

Well, I wheeled in as I have a truck like this. Before I could blink the owner was standing there. He was a very nice old man ready to show me everything. Even after I told him I had one just like it.
He told me the full story and noted the restoration was well done except a few things the restoration guy took some liberties with. So, just before I left I asked how much. 30k.

So, with that I asked what else did he have in his barn. Two old bantams. Pass. So, I thanked him and got in my Ram truck and headed for the lake to stick my head under the water. 30k? Sorry baseball fans there is no way that truck was worth that. I wish him well but 30k is very high.

Now, had he said 20-25k I still would not have purchased it but it would have been in the arena of good ideas. I just wish he had something even better in the garage. Strike three. Again, nice restoration on a 50 truck with the heater and radio but 30k is above even the high stakes for this truck. If he would have priced it right it would be sold by now.

See, he told me he gets a lot of people stopping to look at it and I believe him. But at 30k and no wiggle room it will sit for quite some time. Maybe some wealthy gentleman farmer would be interested but in my area the farmers are working farmers and this expense would not be allowed. That is a lot of butchered cows to even get near that number. So, please price our vehicle right and you will sell it. Dreams are for sleeping, not for selling.

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