A Truck Rod?

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By Mark Weisseg

Is there no end to ones imagination? The answer has to be No. The guy selling this is selling it as a rat rod. Is it?

Well, to me it looks like a hacked up Jeep that went off the edge. Yes it might be fast but with a lightweight vehicle like a Jeep I would bet it’s a bear in the corners. Anytime you have a short wheel base turning at high speeds becomes a challenge of sorts. I wish this guy all the luck in the world to sell this vehicle but the new owner better be aware of the pitfalls.

I see Rat Rods all the time and usually they are built to go and to go fast. I would wager this rod would be a handful even in a straight line. But, he’s allowed to call it whatever he desires. I wish I had the energy to inquire what the asking price is but for me any price is too high in any case. Rat Rods are unique as the builders get to show off what is in there brain. Sometimes it is good and other times one can see the project went off the rails. What do you readers think? I will be watching for your comments.

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