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Pick Of The day: 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck

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Engine: 5.0 Liter Coyote V8.
Transmission: 4 Speed Automatic.
Mileage: 3,817.
Price: US $119,000.00


There’s just something immensely cool about old trucks and the older they are, the cooler they become. Maybe it’s because they are now a design that is utterly different to everything else on the road or they always have had a certain something, either way they certainly are head turners.

This lovely old 1956 Ford F100 pickup truck has been treated to many modern upgrades, which gives you the best of both worlds, both old and new.
These mobiles don’t come cheap, but the standard of upgrade from the interior to the powertrain, means that you are getting the best you can possibly get from this type of pickup truck.

From show winner to future investment, this pickup truck is well worth shortlisting.

5.0 liter Ford Performance Coyote V8 / 420 horsepower
Ford 4R70W 4-speed automatic transmission / Simple Shift Control
Custom leather interior / Heated & massaging seats
Vintage Air conditioning
Boxed and powder-coated frame / Upgraded suspension
Heidts power rack-and-pinion steering
4-wheel power disc brakes
9-inch rear axle / 3.25 gears
Modern audio system / rearview camera
PPG Seafoam Green paint


When the owner of this red-hot Effie began planning a cross-country road trip in a vintage pickup, he had every intention of sourcing a nice, reliable cruiser. And he did just that by purchasing this solid, Seafoam Green Ford. But, as happens with so many of these projects, hobby turned into obsession and minor restoration turned into an opportunity to create something incredible. And eventually, with the intent of taking the truck “to a level that no one else had accomplished”, he kicked off a professional, high-dollar transformation. Since beginning its career as a show queen, this squeaky clean Ford has logged only selective road time, keeping its PPG 2-stage virtually flawless. Its custom graphics, which can easily be removed, are timeless and well done. And, naturally, fit and panel alignments remain about as close to perfect as such a thing can be.

Since we’re talking aesthetics, I’ll go ahead and point out notable details resulting from both this Ford’s original restoration and two subsequent years of fine-tuning. Up front, an original grille hangs a traditional “V8” emblem and modern tri-bar headlights above a chromed and tucked bumper. Behind that grille, a shaved, forward-tilt hood snugs at like-new glass, which incorporates a sliding window opposite small wipers and an electric cowl vent. At the sides of that hood, original front fenders lead stylish mirrors, traditional door handles, a power antenna and a nostalgic fuel filler. Below those fenders, Ford-branded running boards flow to a lighted Oak bed that’s framed in stainless skid strips and a locking Gaylord tonneau. And at the back of the truck, a smoothed tailgate rides between a small, functional rearview camera, aftermarket taillights, and a second chromed and tucked bumper.


Prior to its aforementioned tuning, this fun loving Ford sported a ’70s Lincoln motor. And while that mill certainly provided adequate power, ‘adequate’ just isn’t up to “a level that no one else had accomplished”. Tilt the trick hood and you’ll find a fresh, 5.0 liter Ford Performance ‘mod motor’ that twists stout 11 to 1 compression into 420 horsepower and 390 lb./ft. of tire-melting torque! Officially named Coyote, and not far removed from the engine that powers the current Mustang GT, this state-of-the-art rocket features a forged crank, forged rods, hypereutectic pistons and all-aluminum, 4-valve construction. At the top of block, custom, TIG-welded stainless pipes air from remote Spectre filters to an 80mm, single-bore throttle body and tuned, composite intake manifold. At the sides of that intake, “POWERED BY FORD” cam covers bridge the gap between Ford Performance headers and a Mustang GT engine shroud. At the front of that shroud, a Ford serpentine system spins an assortment of smooth ancillaries. In front of those ancillaries, a polished Artic Chill radiator, which rides between a custom support and large SPAL puller fans, provides plenty of cooling capacity. And everything communicates thanks to $1,500 worth of Ford Performance engine control. The svelte powerplant is extremely tidy, with sculpted plastic concealing most of its factory silver casting. And the truck’s “V8” branded engine bay is detailed with thoughtful accessories like a Wilwood brake booster, F.A.S.T fuel components, custom inner fenders and an array of stainless hardware.





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