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Jeep facts You May Not Know

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Since 1941, the Jeep has been one of the most ubiquitous vehicles in the world, serving the public, the military and influencing many vehicles along the way.

Today, Jeeps comes in every flavor imaginable from an everyday SUV to an off-road monster. Here are some facts that you may not know about the humble Jeep and its long history.

The Jeep started as a military vehicle, with the name possibly a slur on GP(for Government Purposes or General Purpose), but the term ‘Jeep’ may go back as far as 1914, used by U.S. Army mechanics.
First used in World War II, produced by Willys and Ford. Ford insisted on their own touches such as hinged headlights and their own oval logo.
CJ Jeeps was a term used to stand for civilian Jeeps, rather than those made for the military.

As a wartime vehicle
They were referred to in wartime as the ‘wartime limousine’ as they were regularly used to transport generals and such through the battlefield as they were robust and agile vehicles.
General George C. Marshall said the Jeep was, ‘America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare.’ Great ground clearance, lightweight and could be easily pulled out of tricky situations.
The gas tank placement was also an innovation, under the driver’s seat. It was place there so snipers only had one place to disable a Jeep.

The Land Rover influence
Over in Europe, the Land Rover is seen as the original off-roader, but it was influenced by the Jeep. Rover’s chief engineer, Maurice Wilks was so influenced by the Jeep, the Land Rover Defender was born.

The AMC influence.
The now-defunct AMC motor company once bought the Jeep from Kaiser. AMC influence the Wrangler, Cherokee and CJ-7 lines, along with the first V8 engine and automatic transmissions on a Jeep.

This means that since 1941, the Jeep has been the workhorse and now the leisure vehicle of the masses. Probably one of the most ubiquitous vehicles ever made in the world.

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