Green Cars And SUVs Sweep 2016 Busan Motor Show

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The 2016 Busan International Motor Show, Busan, South Korea, has a long ten-day run lasting until June 12th, showing off the latest creations from all auto manufacturers.

The big showing up the affair seems to be environmentally friendly SUV’s, which include hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles.

The emphasis seems to be on cutting emissions and producing SUV’s and trucks which are better for the environment. But don’t think that the whole show was concerned with this side of the market.
Premium SUV’s, were also on show from the likes of Maserati, Bently, Jaguar and Land Rover, proving that the market still want big luxury when it comes to SUV’s.

With over 232 models, including 45 concept vehicles being shown at the event, there is a lot of variety for everybody, but the green contingent was undeniable, showing that the portion emphasis moving forward is to provide cleaner running SUV’s.

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