Cheap Gas = SUVs and pickup Trucks More Popular Than Ever

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SUV’s, pickup trucks and even utility vehicles are more popular than ever and with current low gas prices, these types of vehicles are selling stronger than ever.

OCADA reported that SUV’s have grown by 2.4 points in their market share, with 192,000 units sold in 2015, compared with 96,000 in 2009.
OCADA say this will continue in 2016 with a rise of 2.5%.

The top seller? Toyota remain the top of the stack, with the tried and trusted US models taking up the rest of the reins.
As an example, GMC sales increased by 31%, with the Detroit three having sales up by 13.5%.

Basically, SUV’s and the like are becoming more efficient, have more luxury and have largely shaken off their people carrier and utility background.
If there was ever a time to buy an SUV, it is now.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an SUV or truck in 2016, you’ll be in good company.

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