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By Mark Weisseg

Shame on me I guess because all I have been writing about are Cars, cars, cars, parts, cars, and humor topics. Where is the love for the trucks?

What bothers me about this forgetfulness is that I own several trucks and love them as much as the cars. My favorite is my 1949 Chevy 3600 that was restored by my brother Craig. ( not pictured above)

The truck came to us as a wreck. It had set for over 33 years in North Dakota and when we bought it the engine was seized, the tires flat, the interior eaten by rodents, and a host of brake and steering issues. For the next two years my brother Craig gave up his love of golf and his days off to rebuild my truck. Once completed he figured he had put in over 100 hours and I think it was more. It seemed like every simple project turned into a larger more expensive project. I never minded stroking the checks, I just worried about him. You see, neither of us can be called young anymore and I worried he would just suffer a back injury or throw a rotator cuff out, or worse yet, just throw in the towel out of utter exhaustion. But, Craig hung in there and did get occasional help from one of our nephews and once in a while I would show up and screw his routine up.

About two years later I took delivery of truck and since then have bought other classic vehicles. None up to this point needing his ability and tools. May I mention also that of all the vehicles I have- this one is my favorite. Not because it rattles or squeaks, not because it is slow, not because it’s paid for but because my brother did it. It’s a hard bugger to drive. I always say it is the solution for texting while driving or talking while driving on the phone. Why? Simple, you need both hands, both feet, both ears, and all your senses to make this rig go down the road and stop safely. Hey, maybe I just hit on a winner solution. We will make all young people drive cars and trucks with a four on the floor, no power steering or brakes, manual Windows, no radio, and no big power. That will certainly do the trick.

I propose the government give me ten gazillion dollars for the idea. We are already 18 Trillion in the hole so what’s another ten gazillion?

Seriously folks I love old trucks and I encourage you to build or buy one. They are multi functional, and break the mold. When I take my old 49 to a show it is a crowd pleaser. Now you may ask, what is my next project vehicle?

Well, it is a 1928 Ford Model A and guess who has it? Yep, good old Craig is up to his elbows in grease once again and I am stroking checks. I like this arrangement but please do not tell Craig it’s the last project to screw up his days off. He just might miss the knuckle banging, bouncing his head off the bumper, and teaching swear words to his neighbors.

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