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The World’s most expensive SUV

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The makers states that there are performance cars, luxury cars but none that combine everything, which was the aim with this ultra-luxurious and expensive SUV.

Dartz Motorz is based in Riga, Latvia on the site of the Russo-Baltic Wagon Factory. Russo-Baltic themselves date back to 1900, so the present owner continues the tradition from making his fortune customising cars to the amazing SUV you see here.

The SUV is completely bespoke to each customer and features every high-end luxury item you could think of such as all gold exterior, armour plating, bullet-proof windows and exotic leather interior.

The starting price comes in at a cool $1.1 million, but you wouldn’t expect anything cheaper for a vehicle that is placed itself as the world’s most expensive SUV.

The fascinating thing about this video is how they question if the business model is viable for such an expensive vehicle or even for such an expensive SUV.
Obviously aimed at a subset of the ultra rich, will the ultra rich go for a vehicle like this? it’s up to them to decide and it will be interesting to see if these sell or not.


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