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By Mark Weisseg

I am into the fast muscle cars like all of you. I cannot wait to see the next car I have not seen yet. But walking around Friday night looking at the wide selection I saw these two beauties. Not exactly fast muscle car bait but it reminded me our hobby is open to everyone.

It better be as I own a 49 Chevy like the one pictured. This blue one is in better shape than mine as far as appearances go but I will lay odds my master mechanic brother out did this one on the mechanics side. But see I did not want to paint mine and make it look new. That’s just my way of doing business. But these two belong in our hobby. The VW was a head turner and to tell to truth I really did not know what the back end was for. It had rods going across like a canvas top would stretch across it.

I am no VW expert but I love them. I worked on them years ago and still have some speciality tools I cannot part with. Again, my issue. The old Chevy truck was very cool and I have more training on this model. The owner updated it and installed turn signals for safety. I still stick my arm out the window like a fool. The 216 or 235 engine is a reliable one and if you maintain it the darn things run forever. The interior was basically all original style and points for the paint were given. I am not sure they ever came with the big white walls but it does add to the trucks looks. When new ones roll in I always get asked by a friend if I would like to own them. My answer on these two was an easy yes.

The VW had its charm and coolness. The Chevy truck just hit close to home. I wish I had mine there so the owner could see it but I took the Road Runner that day. Our last event at this location is the weekend of Labor Day and I plan to take my old Chevy and enjoy this evening. Normally I leave just before sunset as driving my old six volt home in the dark is not the best feeling I get. But since it’s the last show here this year I am staying and watching the parade of vehicles leave. It’s really cool to sit in a lawn chair and watch hundreds of cars and trucks parade in front of you. Each was a dream or a fantasy and I will sit back and soak it all up. Sometimes it gives me ideas for my winter blues but I admit I am a car junkie. Whether you have a Nova with a built 396 or a old VW I appreciate your hard work and sacrifices you made to drive your dream. We will move to another site for about a month or so to finalize the year so we have much more to come. Stay tuned. No pun intended.


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