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SUVs Dominate at New York Auto Show

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The New York Auto Show is where the latest models from each manufacturer are shown off to the max. This year’s theme seemed to be, ‘bigger is better,’ with the focus on SUV’s.

Most manufacturers have extended their range of SUV’s with more models featuring more advancements, such as better fuel efficiency and better technology, making them one of the must have vehicles.

Currently, large premium SUV’s have a great standing domestically and globally, where most people don’t just want the extra space of an SUV, but now the modern luxuries that come along with the vehicle.

Some of the standout SUV’s from the show were the Lincoln Navigator, with its large gullwing doors and the Cadillac XT5, with its huge presence and luxury.

One factor that the SUV market is addressingand as one of its main deficiencies is fuel efficiency. With better technology and lightweight vehicles, they are not the big gas guzzlers they once were. This linked with hybrid technology, make them just as efficient as a regular sedan in some cases.
Volvo’s XC90 SUV is one of the most fuel-efficient, with a four-cylinder hybrid turbo engine which can give 53 mpg.

All the SUV at shown this year were touting their new performance stats. which rival a regular sedan, with all the benefits that an SUV can offer.

Maybe, it’s now time for the SUV to rule the road…

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