SUVs Branded For New York Fashion Week By Jeremy Scott

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You would think performance vehicles would be used by US fashion label Jeremy Scott for any fashion related media, but instead Lexus SUV’s are being used for their branding during New York fashion week.

Jeremy Scott and Lexus joined forces to wrap 10 SUV’s in the brand’s latest prints, which they will be driving around New York on February 11th, prior to the fashion show.

The 10 SUV’s will be wrapped in space cowgirl prints from Jeremy Scott’s collection, one in black spots resembling the hide of a cow.

The point of the car wraps is to raise awareness about the show and also give a fun aspect to the vehicles and the presentation of this years fashion week.

“Jeremy Scott’s designs have been bold and disruptive in the fashion space. We recognize how that energy aligns with the direction of the Lexus brand.” Lexus’ – Brian Bolain, corporate manager, product marketing and marketing communications.

“I think it’s a fun and exciting way to promote my work during fashion week when all the industry’s participants are in New York to see the shows,” said Mr. Scott in a statement given to WWD. “I’m already tickled about the idea of spotting the Jeremy Scott printed Lexus’ zooming around town.”


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