Released! Roll-Royce First SUV Prototype

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Released Roll-Royce First SUV Prototype

“Project Cullinan” as known in the company is out now as Roll-Royce’s most awaited SUV has shown its first photo.

Mules are testbeds to guide the engineers in the developing new cars. They are bits and pieces of details from different existing models and are concealed from the public by releasing abstract images.

The luxurious brand was not afraid to show the world of their first prototype and they have actually published the photos.
Released Roll-Royce First SUV Prototype 2

In the photo, you will be able to see that they were able to customize it from Phantom Series II but shorter wheelbase and more groud clearance. As they wanted to achieve their “magic carpet” ride experience, they have focused on the all-wheel-drive and suspension system.

Rolls has no plans in calling it an SUV but would rather call it “high-sided, all terrain, motor car.”

Released Roll-Royce First SUV Prototype 3

Roll-Royce disclosed its Project Cullinan’s presence but has not divulge any other information after that so it was really a surprise that they eventually showed off images of their current project.

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