Porsche Macan SUV Test Drive Result: Failed

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Porsche Macan SUV Test Drive Result Failed
Porsche Macan SUV is an attempt of the most famous German automaker of modifying on Audi Q5 drastically that 70% is far different from Audi.

As they say, any vehicle wearing a Porsche badge and $72,000 sticker price should overwhelm you but Macan does not commit.

When we first wrote Macan in Florida, we found it very impressive but on a daily basis, totally not.

Here are the reasons why it failed the roadtest:

1. The back seat is too small for large frame seaters.
2. The infotainment/connectivity suite in the Macan test car wasn’t cutting edge, and indeed was a bit cumbersome.
3. Fuel economy’s poor.
4. Cargo space is significantly less than in rival BMW X3.
5. Three-zone climate control becomes standard (dual-zone is so lower class, after all).
6. Interior door-lock rocker switches function opposite the current configuration, so you get “lock” by pushing the bottom of the switch instead of the top.
7. New cover for the head restraints.
8. Optional new rear entertainment system.
9. No mention of horsepower or torque or shift mapping or bushings, bearings, sway bars and the like.

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