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M-Sport Invent The Ford Ranger Raptor

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Ford seem to have the complete pickup truck sector in their hands with the F-150 being the bestselling truck in America.
They boast similar sales in Europe with the smaller Ford Ranger, but unfortunately the Ranger doesn’t cut it as well off road as its bigger F-150 Raptor.
So, in comes the UK-based tuning company M-Sport to produce this great looking truck.

The M-Sport Ranger is packaged to be like it’s larger Ford F-150 Raptor, but with more European sensibilities. Although it mirrors as much as possible its bigger brother, in comparison, it is a much smaller affair. The Ford F-150 is a good 3 feet in length longer and has the looks like it packs more of a punch.

The M-Sport version has a Pedders suspension pack and a sports exhaust. There is also an optional off-road pack which lifts the suspension by 1.75 inches. You also get a laser light strip on the roof, underbody protection and an extended hardtop load cover.
The interior also gets treated with a full black leather trim and sports steering wheel.

It may not be as huge as its big brother, but the Ford Ranger may suit those who want it in a smaller package.



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