Lamborghini Will Produce a New SUV in Italy

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Lamborghini Will Produce a New SUV in Italy
Automobili Lamborghini will be building an at par sport utility vehicle in Italy that doubles the size of the supercar brand when it went on a deal on tax breaks with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s government.

Lamborghini in exchange will be hiring 500 people since the government will give tax breaks as much as 80 million euros and to expand production in Italy.

Lamborghini met several times in the last few months with representatives of the Italian government before making a final decision on the production of the SUV, people familiar with the matter said earlier this month. To cut costs, the chassis and other key components are set to be produced at Volkswagen AG factories, such as a plant in Bratislava, Slovakia, where the frame for the Porsche Cayenne SUV is made, the people said.

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