Jeep Plans Luxury SUV Against New Grand Wagoneer

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Jeep Plans Luxury SUV Against New Grand Wagoneer
Jeep plans on launching a luxury SUV just like Cadillac Escalade, Land Range Rover, Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes-Benz which is according to Sergio Marchionne CEO of Jeep which is the parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. This is going against Grand Wagoneer that Jeep will be introducing in 2018 and with the price that ranges from $100,000.

“When I see a Range Rover on the street, my blood boils, because we should be able to do a thing like that—and we will,” Marchionne told Bloomberg, adding that work on the vehicle had already started.

SUV market has been increasing for a long time now and that is why Jeep wants to engage and join in with the opportunity of the acclaimed fame of SUV’s as of the moment in the overall global sales. Not only that, they want to indulge in luxurious SUV which is getting more demands like the companies: Audi, BMW and Maserati.

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