Is the truck ruined now?

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By Mark Weisseg

I mentioned way too many times that I am the owner of an original and I mean real patina 1949 Chevrolet Truck. It sits as it did in 1949. Meaning, the engine, transmission, seat, bed, steering wheel, ride heighth, and everything else is the way it was back in 1949. For some like me that is good while others hate it.
Now, look at this truck. It appears to be a Dodge truck from the very early 1970’s. Someone has piled a bunch of money and effort into this truck and they now have there dream truck. But, did they ruin the original masterpiece to make a new masterpiece? That is a matter of opinion of course. Me, I don’t care for it even though I love the work that was done. But, if in ten years someone else bought it can they make it the way it was back when it was sold? Or, is it ruined forever? That is exactly the argument I hear from people who do not like old AD trucks put on S10 frames or Mustang chasis’s. How do you take a old vehicle that was modernized today only to un modernize it later? Well, we will see in time how that shakes out. When you see a Camaro that someone put in a crate engine and modernized the heck out of it will it stand the test of time? Or, is just a hot button now and ten years from now we will hate it. Stay tuned and I hope we are all around to see how the cycle goes.

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