Honda to spend $85 million to build SUV

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Honda to spend $85 million to build SUV


Honda are planning to invest $85 million in a niche liberty manufacturing facility.
This should mean 13,000 new jobs in the area which can only be good news.

‘Honda is a major employer in the region, where it employs more than 13,000 Ohioans, including more than 1,400 residents from Clark and Champaign counties at its facility in Marysville. The company also has a major impact on numerous local companies who supply auto parts and other services to Honda.

The investment is important because it provides flexibility to the the auto maker, said Mike Wall, an auto analyst for IHS automotive. The light truck segment includes a wide segment of vehicles, including sport utility vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular as gas prices remain low,’ Wall said.


Honda to spend $85 million to build SUV


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