Getting The Most Bling From Your Truck or SUV: The GM Way.

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It’s no new thing we can buy accessories for your vehicle, but now GM are putting a lot of effort into the aftermarket accessories for its complete vehicle range.

“What you’re seeing now and how excited we are about the stuff we’re showing, it is only going to get better and we’re going to get more.” Todd Parker, GM Director of Design, Exterior Components and Accessories.

As new vehicles hit the showrooms, so will the new range of accessories mostly credited to the designer from Australian Mike Simcoe, Executive Director GMIO Design, previously design director at holding, who is involved in the success of the HSV and its range of accessories and visuals.

The accessory range will be limited to just trucks and SUV’s. Performance vehicles are also in the list.
“Corvettes and Camaros are huge for personalisation and accessories. Even the Malibu and the Sonic — we’re offering more and more accessories because that’s a different customer.”
“But more and more there’s a call for exhaust systems, intake systems and the huge six-piston brakes that we’re offering for the trucks which is a huge upgrade. Trucks are becoming something more unique than what they’ve been in the past. That offers up new avenues for us to sell stuff.”

This all means that if you own a vehicle from the GM lineup, you should respond to choice when it comes to aftermarket parts and accessories.
Plus, it seems Australia’s GM division will become more the design hotbed, it makes sense that the future design opportunities the GM should and will be outstanding.

We wait and see….


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