Featuring Renault Kwid Compact SUV

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Featuring Renault Kwid Compact SUV 2

This week, Renault launched one of their SUV and its not just the family car that you are imagining about.

This compact SUV – Kwid will be launched in India at the end of the year and of which, Russia and Brazil are expected to follow.

Last year, a Delhi Auto Expo launched a Kwid concept wherein they picked up the name of this compact SUV but it is much smaller than the compact Captur which has been unveiled last February.
Featuring Renault Kwid Compact SUV

The Kwid measures just 3.98 metres long, which makes it longer than the new 3.59m Twingo hatch, but shorter than the 4.12m Captur. But, at 1.64m, the Twingo has the 1.58m Kwid beat for width.

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