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Electric Pickup Truck By Workhorse Group The Next Big Thing?

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By Dave Ashton

The Ford F150 reigns supreme as the best selling truck in the US for 35 years, with the Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado coming in second and third. However, with the likes of Ford bringing in a hybrid F150 around 2020 and GM also thinking of hybrid versions of the Silverado and Sierra, electric pickups might just be the next new thing.

The Workhorse Group who were behind the UPS van who brought out the W-15 Electric Pickup Truck, may just beat all the rest including Tesla to the punch if they can push ahead full-scale production. Although it isn’t a cheap proposition at $52,500 before any tax credits and such means more initial upfront cost, but lower ongoing costs in the long run.

The new electric truck has twin electric motors and just like other electric vehicles has plenty of power and can do 0 to 60MPH in just 5.5 seconds.

It may be a brave step up for the company but it just may be the ticket to get in there early and electric SUV and truck Department.

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