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Could The Model X Make Or Break Tesla?

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The Tesla model X could shape up to be the SUV of the future, but it won’t be all plain sailing to the finish line.

The model X has some impressive stats., – the front motor offers up 259bhp, and the rear adds an extra 503bhp, giving a combined output of 762bhp and 713b ft of torque, with 250 miles on a single charge and 0-62mph of 3.2 seconds.
All very impressive, but some critics have said that its complexity maybe its ultimate downfall.

Along with its electrical features, it has unique Falcon wing doors, which are expensive to produce, along with many other fantastic but costly features of the model X.

On the surface, it is an all-round fantastic luxury SUV, but the price point and longevity are bigger factors for most.

Like any cutting-edge vehicle, only time will tell how well it eventually does in the SUV market.
Tesla has had its promoters and dissenters recently, so it will be interesting to see how these features play out in a modern SUV market.

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