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Boulder City, Nevada

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By Mark Weisseg

I have a friend that I went to high school with that lives and works in Las Vegas. One of the times Craig and I were there we met with my friend and asked if he knew of anything interesting to see on the way to the Hoover Dam. He rattled off a list of things to see and one of them I will write about in a future article. But, for now I need to tell you about this truck in the picture.

It is located in Boulder City on the lot of a family owned restaurant. We wheeled in there to get some good home made cooking and saw this truck. We asked the staff about it and said it was part of the antique store located next door to the food joint. The truck was drivable but clearly it was used as a eye catcher for both establishments. The food was very good and the wait staff were very nice.

So, the two of us woof down the food and decide to get going to the Dam for a day of learning. And did we ever learn. My gosh that project is so amazing I urge you to see it and soon. But, back to this story. We head back to the car and right across the street from the food joint was an old style gas station. You know the ones that have two bays to the right side, pumps out front, an office on the left and bathrooms on the side of the building. We stopped dead in our tracks as we stared at this old style gas station. The canopy over the pumps was in good shape and we notice the place is now being used for the emission testing they do in Nevada. Hardly do any of us see old gas stations like this anymore. They have been torn down and rebuilt into some sort of super gas station with fifty pumps, food inside, and a car wash. This place did the testing, had some vacuum cleaners to drop coins in and still did minor service in at least one bay.

The whole building was just so cool we walked around it, took pictures and asked a few questions. I am sure the guy we asked the questions of thought we sniffed one too many poker chips but he humored us. It’s just so hard to find these places anymore and if you do they are generally in small towns and have been closed or converted to something else. What a breath of fresh air here in the plastic world of Vegas to see a town outside of the bright lights that was thriving and alive. We took a quick spin around the town and found old hotels and motels, cool little buildings and nice parks. We also discovered very nice people everywhere we went.

We did finally make it to the Hoover Dam and enjoyed every minute there. What a master piece. And as a side note we saw a guy pulling a old 36 ford on an open trailer. Being bold I asked him about it and he said it was heading to Kounts Kustoms and Danny Koker! Sure enough many months later while watching the show I saw it in the background. How cool is that?

In closing I encourage you to get off that endless highway and explore our smaller towns. Craig and I never imagined our day would turn out like this and we have no regrets that we ran late that day. And as a bonus in a future article I will give you another place to go near Las Vegas full of old cars trucks, buses, airplanes, and buildings. And no, it’s not that desert parking lot you have seen on TV. It’s a town that Craig and I were told about from my old high school friend and it may be the best place I have ever been to outside a museum of old cars and trucks. Stay tuned please.

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