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Aston Martin’s Luxury SUV

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Aston Martins Luxury SUV
IT ALL STARTED in 2002. That’s the year Porsche launched the Cayenne and began the luxury crossover movement. It sold a bazillion of them, racking up sales and profits. Now everyone wants in on the game, because wealthy consumers apparently have an endless appetite for increased ride height and comfort.

Rolls, Bentley, and Lamborghini are doing it. Land Rover keeps whipping up increasingly fancy versions of the Range Rover to keep up.

Now, Aston Martin is joining the fray.

The British marque has raised $300 million to fund various projects, and it announced last week one of those will be a production version of the “luxury GT crossover” DBX concept it debuted at the Geneva auto show earlier this year.

“We think it’s the [grand tourer] car of the future,” Clarke says. Perhaps, but one thing is for sure: Buyers looking to spend a few hundred grand on an SUV will be spoiled for choice in just a few years.

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