2005 Ford Pickups CUSTOM BUILT 4×4 F650 SUPER TRUCK

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2005 Ford Pickups CUSTOM BUILT 4×4 F650 SUPER TRUCK

Engine: C7 CAT.
Need the biggest, baddest truck in your state? This is it.
This was built off of a 2000 F650.
It now has rockwell 5 ton military axles, 4×4, and extended cab conversion completed. This truck is SOOO big, and pictures do it no justice.
It has a completely custom wrap that looks fantastic.
This truck would make an excellent promotional item, or be used for parades, fairs, or mudding?
I am sure this truck with some work would be street-able, and might be legal in your state but it is so large and gnarly, that I wouldn’t recommend it as it sits. An absolute FORTUNE has been invested to make this truck into what it is. We are offering it at a TINY fraction of the cost.



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