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1980 Toyota PPI 015 Baja 500/1000 Trophy Truck

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Engine: 302 V8.
Transmission: 5 Speed Automatic.
Price: US $299,900.00


This Toyota Trophy truck isn’t just a Trophy winner, you are buying into its heritage, its capabilities and its part in motorsport history.

This vehicle is as much a thoroughbred as a Formula One car with the added ability to be able to chew up any terrain that is thrown at it.

Arguably, every component on this vehicle has been thoroughly customised, but most of all this pure bred racer will only go up in value as the years go buy.

A great piece of racing history.

‘In 1983, Toyota joined forces with Precision Preparation, Inc. (PPI) in an effort to diversify their motorsports portfolio. This partnership lead to, among other successes, an off-road racing team that dominated the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Stadium Series while accumulating 27 wins and seven championships in the SCORE Desert Series. Though the team was comprised of many talented hands, legendary off-road racer Ivan “Ironman” Stewart stole the spotlight. A 2006 inductee in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, Stewart earned his nickname by completing entire desert races without a navigator or relief driver. His efforts lead to several records including most all-time MTEG wins (17) and most Baja 500 wins (17).

For 17 years, PPI and Stewart ruled the intensely competitive world of off-road racing, even taking first at the 1998 Baja 1000. That victory, along with four Baja 500’s were accomplished using chassis number 015. Built in 1993 to replace PPI’s aging 010 chassis, the 015 would become the Master’s thesis and, ultimately, final product of a remarkably successful off-road team. Fresh out of an extensive restoration performed by the very hands that built it originally, RK Motors Charlotte is proud to offer the once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of Baja’s most famed competition vehicles.’





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