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1974 Mazda REPU: Rear-Engine Mini-Truck

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‘A poor man’s Porsche? no a Mazda-rati!’

If you’re not using the space in the back of your pickup, the logical thing is to house an engine, right?!?
Well, this is exactly what this 1974 Mazda has with upgraded headers, a Schneider cam and a Demon carb.

Without saying anymore, just check out the video to see this wonderful truck in action.

‘The Mazda is an oddity, originally powered by a rotary engine but later converted to Olds Toronado front-wheel drive drivetrain sometime in the late-1980s. With a 455ci big-block and ’69 Toronado transaxle slid between the rear frame rails, the seller claimed wheelies and 10-second ETs. However, Finnegan and Freiburger quickly discover their $5,000 mini-truck has more style than substance. Can they hang with the big dogs at the races?’


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