1967 Chevrolet C-10

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1967 Chevrolet C-10

A southern truck it’s whole life, it was manufactured in Atlanta and has lived it’s entire life here in the Upstate SC. The story behind it is that for the greater part of its life, it was a service truck for a local family owned insulation business here in Easley, South Carolina until it was sold to a young man in the 90’s. He planned to paint it and build himself a Hot Rod… Well, like most of those stories go, he got started fast on the paint job but couldn’t pay his paint bill. Eventually, the truck would end up becoming the painter’s parts truck for the better part of a decade before it would ultimately sit in a stall for years and years. It would sit there until my friend came upon it at the local body shop and struck up a deal for it. He got it back up and running and was using it as a shop truck for his family’s car lot. After he found another project he wanted and him knowing that I am always in the market for a cool ,rare C10, I ended up with it. However, it’s time for me to make room for some new projects…

She’s got a few dent’s and dings and some rust in the usual places, but by no means a bucket. It all adds character to it’s cool patina shop truck appeal. Not to mention the bitchin homemade front brush guard and heavy duty diamond plate steel rear bumper. It’s got a very clean interior and is a super reliable old truck that’s fun to drive and gets more looks and thumbs up than most of my much more expensive rides. It fires right up every time, doesn’t smoke or even leak any fluids. So if your looking for a super cool and reliable C10 on a budget, this is the truck for you.

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