1946 Dodge Power Wagon WDX

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BUY NOW 1946 Dodge Power Wagon WDX

Engine: 5.9 liter Cummins 6BT HO turbo diesel
Transmission: 5-speed Manual.
Mileage: 563.
Dana 60 axles with 3.55 gears
Price: US $99,900.00

Big, bad and oh so cool. This 1946 Dodge Power Wagon WDX has been treated to a full restoration and has had $150,000 wrapped up in the build.
You get extensive details into the background of this wagon and its upgrades. Suffice to say, you are getting a lot of vehicle for your money here, which means if you are on the market for a wagon such as this, this maybe one to shortlist.





BUY NOW 1946 Dodge Power Wagon WDX

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