1935 Central Fire Truck!

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Engine: Hercules 16
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Mileage: 0 (unknown)
Body Style: Fire Truck
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Red

Who hasn’t at some point in their life wanted to own their own fire truck?
Now’s your chance to own your very own in the form of this 1935 central fire truck. Comes in the only color you will ever need, red and still in working order.

Really,sports cars are cool, trucks are cool, but nothing beats a fire truck!

‘1935 Central Fire Truck. Central Fire Truck Corp was a St. Louis based company that bought Chevrolet chassis to retro fit with their fire truck bodies and equipment.
Powering their fire trucks was a Hercules 6 cylinder.
Hercules started manufacturing engines in 1915 and were well known for their high quality and dependability.
Their reputation continued to grow to the point where they acquired contracts for the US military where production soared to 1,000,000 units to the US military and allied armed forces.
This 1935 Central Fire Truck for sale was originally put to good use by the Belleville, Illinois Fire Dept.
After many years of use she was put away as a museum piece and later fell into the hands of a local collector who used it for parades and similar events.
Believe it or not, the truck is still wearing its original paint! It starts right up and drives well. The sirens and lights are still in place and is accented nicely with the original brass water cannon. The rest of the fire truck is complete with ladders and fire extinguishers.’


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