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1,000hp Willys Army Jeep Takes Flight

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You don’t normally associate a Jeep with the drag strip, but when you had a supercharger and a spot of nitrous, anything is achievable.

Just check out this video for this wonderful supercharged Jeep and its 7.1 second pass!

‘Our friend Justin in his V8 LSx Willys had the CRAZIEST wheelie bumper stand this weekend HITTING THE BACK BUMPER on the way up! The nasty old 1952 Army Willys Jeep is powered by a 4.8L 292 cubic inch V8, D1 ProCharger Supercharger, a TON of Nitrous Express Nitrous, and controlled by a Megasquirt MS3 ECU. We just can’t get enough of this Jeep! …by the way, he still ran a 7.1 in the 1/8 on this pass.’

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