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Truck of the year?

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By Mark Weisseg

Just today I read that Motor Trend awarded the car and truck of the year to Chevrolet.

Now, if you are under the GM umbrella you get to pound your chest and proclaim you win. If you are Ford or Fiat Chrysler you frown and claim the whole thing is a fraud. Unless you win next year.

Why the rusted out classic Chevy truck then? Bitterness, mad, ticked off? Nope none of the above. See, I remember when cars and trucks rusted out early. We had them undercoated, oiled underneath( really bad idea today) and special wax coatings put on them all to deter rusting. But they did anyway.

It is very very hard to find a 60’s or 70’s classic out there that has not had a fender replaced or a quarter panel done because nearly all of them rotted out. That was the days of big American Steel. And, big time road salt. The two do not get along at all.

In the last few years the Car or Truck of the year has been passed around. Ram Trucks, Fords, GM vehicles and so on. Don’t be ticked off that your favorite Ford did not make the top of the list.

Instead, thank the big three for making changes that benefit us. GPS, anti lock brakes, front seat and steering wheel warmers, outside mirror anti foggers, body’s that do not rust in three years, and vehicles that can go two hundred thousand miles plus with regular maintenance. Remember when in the “old days”of the 60’s when your car got close to 100K you were thinking to trade in the clunker to some unwitting fool or tow it to the bone yard. Today, unless you beat the heck out of the car a hundred thousand miles is nothing. Yes, we love our classic cars but do you really desire drum brakes, manual steering, vinyl bench seats, and a vinyl top again?

I submit to you that our classics are just that. They have a place in our hearts and garages forever. But, to drive one everyday compared to a new 2015 car of your choice is just that. Choice. Some do it and my hat is off to them but I can tell you after driving one of my classics all day I am ready for the creature comforts of the new one for a while. My back thanks you and my rear end ( literally) thanks you

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