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By Mark Weisseg

My mood darkened and I am very edgy at the moment. You see anytime I see or hear about a truck going to a crusher or the bone yard I want to dig deeper.
Is it so bad that nothing can be saved? You mean there is nothing of any value left? I find that premiss almost impossible.

I opened up a web page today and see this Dodge Truck loaded up and the memo states these two trucks on the trailer were to far rusted to save.
Now, I get that on the first wave but I will bet you that if someone stopped this Dodge Truck and reviewed these two old trucks we would not be going to the bone yard. Can we save a hood or fenders? Glass? A dash board maybe? Frame rails? Bumpers? Steering wheels? You get my drift. But to take one long sweeping motion and say the trucks are so badly rusted we will only get junk value for them is wrong.

There are many people out there in the world looking for original parts. When I got my ’49 Chevy truck running on the roads again I needed a patina tailgate. Thank goodness Adler Antiques in New York was awake and had a stash of parts. Within a few days I had exactly what I was looking for and made a new contact for parts as needed. I just feel a rush to judgement here or a rush to the bank. So, the guy in the Dodge gets let’s say $500 smackers for both trucks crushed. With a bit of elbow he could have easily tripled that in parts sales. If the trucks were really that bad he could have skinned and plucked them to the frame and sold off parts. Sure it’s more work but doesn’t more work usually mean more money?
It’s too easy just to go off to the scrap yard and drop them off and smile as you drive away a bit wealthier. Education is the answer here. Educate the people who own these old vehicles and show them yes the car or truck has had its full life but we can together make some additional monies still.

In August I have a mini trip planned. It’s an auction of lots and lots of cars that sat for years. I have my eyes on a few in particular but hats off to the owner who decided to sell these old treasures rather than bring in a car carrier and haul them off one final time. Look before you leap folks. Don’t always take the easy way as that might not be the best way.

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