Classic Firetrucks?

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes, as noted previously I told you I have classic cars and pick up trucks. I have some automotive related toys also to round out the collection. But there is something I always wanted.

Yes, you figured it out by now, I have always love firetrucks. Loved them for what they represent and the beauty of the truck. Bright red with a siren, bell, hoses, big tires, and it’s history.

We lived near a firehouse as kids and when we heard the siren coming we would run down the street to see that rig flying up the road with the fireman hanging off the back fully dressed and ready to save lives. We really used to get wound up when we would see that hook and ladder truck coming with the guy steering from the end of the truck. You know, the driver turns right but the guy in the back turned his steering wheel to the left to make the sharp turn. Oh, what a hero of a guy to be driving that rear steering wheel. We always looked up to those firefighters with such respect and I still do. The trucks today can cost from 300k for a small unit to well over a million dollars for a ladder truck.

In the 1970’s I joined a volunteer fire department to get my feet wet and see if this would be an option for me as a career. We trained constantly, and we were good and respected at what we did. The fire department prided itself on providing a safe haven for anyone that needed a lift in life as well.

So, when I saw this fire truck for sale it brought back waves of pride and a renewed desire for one. However, I lack the space today for a fire truck but we hope to change that in the next year or so. I hope that day comes sooner rather than later because I really hate seeing theses old trucks sitting in a bone yard rotting away.

If you have a collection just consider the positives. Sure they take up more room but a fire truck is always a smile. They are used in parades and special events and bring joy to children and adults alike. Yes, a fire truck has expenses that are higher than your typical classic car but the return on your investment is priceless. Heck, I even know a guy who has a caboose in his yard. Yes, the real deal and he uses it in a positive manner to bring joy to special needs children. He bought it at a auction years ago to save it from the scrap yard and never imagined the joy he brought forth. But that story is for another time.

The car show I regularly attend is graced with a guy that brings an open top fire truck. Take a wild guess where all the kids go first?

In closing if you have the room and want something just about nobody has in there collection these trucks are sold very cheap and always have very low miles. Go for it!

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