The New Ford Interceptor Utility Police Car Is A Stealthy Machine

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Ford have created an even more stealth like interceptor SUV to patrol the nation’s highways.

The Explorer-based interceptor SUV has its blue and red L.E.D. indicators fitted nicely between the windshield and headliner, which can be programmed for color operation, intensity or bright white for emergency and crime scenes.

The new interceptor SUV is replacing some of the regular sedans on patrol, joining the rest of the nation making SUV’s, one of the most popular vehicles in the nation.
Two versions of the Fords will be the V6 or 3.5L V6 eco-boost with AWD and 365 HP.

If you agree with the stealth nature of these vehicles or not, they sure make a cool looking sleeper SUV with the looks and performance to catch up with everyday baddies.

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