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By Mark Weisseg

We all know the Shelby name goes side by side with most race type cars. I guess it came off the rails briefly when it started doing work with Chrysler and you saw a Dodge Omni or Charger with the Shelby name.

The whole thing happened as Shelby got into a tiff with Ford and our friend Lee Ioccoca went to Carroll and made him a sweetheart deal to cross over the tracks. It really did not work out for either party and even today the Dodge Shelbys are around but bring no real value.

All that changed again some years ago and Carroll and his team gathered there belongings and went back to Ford. What happened was instant magic.
Shelby Mustangs ruled again with the Roush racing teams and it felt good again to have Shelby and Ford back on the same page. Now look at what is going on. A Shelby product in a truck.

You could see it coming. Ram has been blowing smoke about the Hemi and the Hellcat in a Ram. A Ram with a 6.4 liter Hemi engine and we all laid odds the pick up truck would be a smash hit.
So, the Shelby team gets a Ford truck and does there magic and this is what you see in the picture.
If looks could kill we all would have our last breath. This Shelby team out in Las Vegas are second to none. I have been to the place several times and the shop is full of Mustangs and now Trucks. Don’t giggle under your breath at these trucks. They are extremely powerful.
Fantastic torque ratings and very high end power curves. There is no disappointment. We all know a car or truck can look nasty but also be a dog but, do not be fooled here.
It’s nasty looking and has the power balls to back it up. Sure it will take more out of your wallet to own one but, you might be the only person around with the baddest truck around.
Check it out.

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