Ram 1500 Vs. Toyota Tundra Review

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Fullsize pickups are what US trucks are best at producing. German trucks are known for their luxury, Japanese trucks for reliability.
Two of the biggest contenders are the 2016 Ram 1500 and the 2016 Toyota Tundra, showing how the US truck compares to its Japanese counterpart.

Performance and Powertrains
The Ram has three engine choices in a 3.6 L V-6 base engine, 5.7 L V8 and a 3L turbodiesel V-6.
The Tundra has two V8 options in a 4.6 L and the 5.7 al V8.

Interior and Bed.
The Ram’s interior wins in this area, with the ball nicely finished cabin and hire luxury than the Toyota.

Features and Safety
This is the area where the tundra does win out. Both have been given four stars from the NHTSA, with the tundra getting a better rating from the IIHS.
The Tundra has blind spot warnings, really cross traffic alerts.

The overall conclusion is that the Ram 1500 wins out on its more luxuries cabin, smooth ride and fuel economy.



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