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By Mark Weisseg

I am asking forgiveness up front here as I make up a web site for old dairy trucks. Just look closely at the paint and notice the phone number. Do you older guys and gals remember when our phone numbers were three of four digits only? Remember when Milk and other dairy products were delivered to your home and you got to know the driver very well? Of course you did. They were like family and that is why I wrote this article. See, I finally got to the reason.

We are a family and when we go to car shows and events we tend to see a lot of the same people. Even without much trying you can easily make new friends at the events. I made two new friends a few years ago when they were admiring my truck. Now, when they come to shows they bring other people and we all share a laugh or story. They are begging me to watch a cult classic movie called ” wrong turn” and I haven’t yet but I better before car season starts again.

Without trying you can meet new people and they become your eyes and ears out there. No gossip or bs, but we have become trapped in our own homes. People just do not go out like they once did. We all knew our neighbors and the everyone seemed to know everyone. Today, it’s rare. I recall the milk man bringing milk, eggs and ice cream. We had a guy on a bike that sharpened our knives ( for the kitchen) and a lot of other interactions with people.
The school bus driver, the city bus driver driving the same route for years and so on. Today, it’s very different so you need to work a bit harder to develop relationships. They are your eyes and ears out there and may hold the key to a neglect or a barn find. It works if you work it. The woman at the dentist my brother goes to just told him recently about a bunch of old cars at her mothers house tucked away in a pole barn. Zing! It just does not get much better than this so please bring me back the old days of relationships and people who looked out for you.

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