Find a Go Topless Day Event Near You!

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Jeep Go Topless Day (GTD) is coming up May 18, 2019 and there is still time to join in on the fun and find a local GTD event in your neck of the woods.


Currently there are over 200 events signed up in 42 states, on 6 continents (sorry Antarctica), so there’s bound to be an event near you! If not, there is still time to sign-up to as a host.

Originally started in 2008 by All Things Jeep, GTD has grown to tremendous proportions over the past decade plus. With ExtremeTerrain (XT) taking over as title sponsor in 2019, the goal is to be able to raise money for causes globally through Wrangler gatherings, with a focus to have GTD events in all 50 of the United States—so close!

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