ExtremeTerrain’s (XT) Clean Trails Initiative Program

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ExtremeTerrain’s (XT) Clean Trails Initiative Program has been committed to providing funding to 4×4 Clubs and Organizations for off-road trail improvements since 2015. XT’s Clean Trails Initiative was founded, not just to fund cleanups, restorations and trail expansions, but, also, to combat the negative stigma sometimes associated with the motorized recreational off-road community.

We wanted to provide you with an update on the program, as we have recently expanded the eligibility requirements to allow more clubs, specifically off-road parks and environmental organizations, the opportunity to apply for XT’s Clean Trails Initiative grants. Additionally, we have recently approved 14 more grants for the summer and fall of 2018 for a grand total of 43 grants and $12,650 in funding for trail improvements across the country.

To be considered, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

Organize or belong to a Wrangler/4×4 group/club with more than 5 members
Organize or belong to an environmental organization/club with more than 5 members
Own or work at a private or public off-road park
Organize or belong to an OHV Organization with more than 5 members
Organize a trail clean-up project with a dedicated 4×4/off-road purpose

Proof of your affiliation with organization/club/park
Must have a club or organization website (not a social media page)
Must provide digital photo of trail improvement project
Action shots of volunteers preferred!
Completion of application form
Organization’s are eligible once per year up to two years
Sign the eligibility waiver

Tools needed for trail cleaning/restoration/expansion
Food and non-alcoholic beverage for all volunteers
Promotional materials used to attract volunteers
Miscellaneous trail improvement expenses

You can find out more about the program uses, eligibility, requirements, and participants here:

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