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Crossovers, SUVs and Trucks: The Only Vehicle You Need?

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It’s an interesting proposition, but if all the sedans in the country disappeared tomorrow and we were all left with crossovers, SUVs and Trucks, what would be the scene? would you be happy or sad?

For a market to survive, there has to be a healthy spread of all variations, but there is no doubt that over the past few years the SUV market has taken off faster than the other part of the automotive brigade and it’s not hard to see why.
Owning a vehicle that is essentially a contender in all areas, daily driver, performance vehicle, off-roader and people carrier is something not to be dismissed easily.
From a cheap and convenient small SUV, to the briefest of trucks to the most luxurious of SUV’s, there is more or less something out there for everybody. Long gone are the days where they were just utility vehicles or people carriers. The rich and wealthy think nothing of parading around in the most luxurious of SUV’s out there.

An added bonus is used prices and apart from the most luxurious makes and models, not that much more expensive to fix than a regular Sedan.

So unless you are only going to travel within the city or built-up areas, the SUV may be the future vehicle.

What do you think?

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