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Can You Recognise This Vehicle?

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I saw this VW and I am really not sure if this was made this way or someone took a hacksaw to it. But it made me think about our cars now and in the past.

This February I plan on being at the new car show in Chicago. I will go with both my brothers and a few nephews. If you see me, I will be the one wearing a nice shirt so please stop and say hello……

But really, I have gone to new car shows, customs car shows, and everything else in between. They have had concept cars there and other cars that will likely never see a showroom floor. Like you I see some of these concepts and say , ” gee, they ought to build that” and at times they do but with changes. See, the car show circuit is a test balloon for ideas and thoughts. Artists get to show why they are artists and we get to show what we would buy.

Many of the cars and trucks we see at car shows are just silly. We look at them and shake our head and wonder what in the world they were thinking. Do not blow them off so quickly as the OEM groups are smart ladies and gentlemen. They lurk amongst us listening to our thoughts and ideas and use that to build a better mousetrap.

With regards to the old VW here I am unclear if this was intentional and if it was, what the heck for? It’s quirky and may have a use but I sure cannot think of one. I do not want to be closed minded but I have never seen one and it really reminds me of a yard truck. You know the small cab trucks designed to pull trailers around a large trucking lot? They all have them and they serve a great purpose but what would this pull? A banana wagon? So, we will leave it to chance here and say someone had an idea once and someone higher on the food chain said they would give it a shot.

Well, it must have been a small caliber round as I have traveled extensively and never saw one. I have seen some other odd balls out there but not this one. I would bet this little VW would be an eye catcher at a show but lord help you drive it to and from.

So, don’t raise your eyebrows and cough as someone somewhere had an idea you do not care for. It does prove not all ideas are good ones and we will leave it at that before I get hate mail. See you in Chicago.

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