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1951 Ford F1

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this work of art and marveled at its beauty. Man, the time, money, and work that went into this is awe inspiring.

I had a 51 Ford F 3and I can tell you it was nothing like this. Mine was a regular cab, flat head engine, and a stick shift. I recall with fondness the little black pedals for the brake and clutch. It was a beast to drive and tough to man handle. Again, I am in awe of the guys that drove them on a regular basis.

Let me indulge you with a classic story regarding my truck. I needed to make room for another project I had on the list so my black F3 had to go. A guy called me from the state of Wisconsin and after a good talk and a few emails he said he would buy it. Turns out his family owned a business and they wanted to take the truck, fix up a few things and then put it out front of the business as the center piece. Apparently the business started in 1951 so that is why they desired it. So, we made arrangements for them to come on a Saturday. They were very good as to there progress on the highway and finally they arrived. They drove thirteen straight hours. They had a big flat bed truck and it was a guy, his wife, and a huge dog. When they arrived they were a bit tired of course, looked the truck over, we exchanged the money and paper work, and loaded it on the back. Then, we offered them some food and drink and a soft chair to unwind a bit. But, they wanted to get going and off they went. Another thirteen hours of the three of them stuffed in the cab. I took a picture of them as they looked so cramped in there. A side bar to the story is that when they arrived they brought us T shirts from the business as a gift.

Now, what other hobby would be like this? Two people and a giant dog drive 13 hours, bring us presents and money only to stay 30 minutes and leave to do it all over again. For the love of a 51 Ford F1.

Now, the plans were to restore it to a original form and be able to drive it as needed. What a great family and what a great hobby. I know coin collectors or bug collectors would claim the same type of story but we don’t know that and quite frankly I do not care. I just know the guys and gals in our hobby are dedicated, loyal people. Certainly there are bad eggs everywhere and some have some terrible stories of a rip off or hustle. Generally, that is a one and done deal as the word will spread fast via the social media venues to avoid said person.

In most cases the truth is in the pudding. Some of us are lucky enough to have a relative or friend within striking distance to go look at a vehicle you found on the Internet. If not, you better have plan B ready. I hated to see the truck leave and I do not like anyone of them leaving but I had too as stated earlier. I want them all and to keep them all. Hopefully someday another F series truck will grace my collection. But for now I have nothing but fond memories of my F series truck and really do miss her.

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